20 Nov 2013

7 qualities of “responsive environments”

buku yang sangat menarik untuk menciptakan lingkungan yang "bertanggung jawab"
The design of a place affects the choices people can make, at many levels:
  • Permeability: where people can go and where they cannot.
  • Variety: the range of uses available to people
  • Legibility: how easily people can understand what opportunities it offers
  • Robustness: the degree to which people can use a given place for different purposes.
  • Visual appropriateness: the detailed appearance of the place make people aware of the choices available.
  • Richness: people’s choice of sensory experiences
  • Personalization: the extent to which people can put their own stamp on a place.

sumber : http://nearfuturelaboratory.com/pasta-and-vinegar/2009/07/30/7-qualities-of-responsive-environments/


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