1 Jun 2010

m fajri romdhoni

MUHAMMAD FAJRI ROMDHONI is an architect who graduated from Parahyangan University and got his master's degree from Bandung Institute of Technology. Having worked at several companies in early 2006 alongside his brothers, M Alba Prastyawan and M Bisri Hakim opened cv Siguntang. This company focused on constructing residential housings and also since he has been teaching Architecture at the University of Sriwijaya. Fajri's interest lies in applied architecture, digital spatial morphology, and revitalizing heritage and cultural complex on juxtaposition architecture. He was teaching, practicing architecture, and active in research and community works for the development of Palembang. Now he is pursuing a graduate Ph.D. at The University of Kansas School of Architecture and Design under the Fulbright scholarship
Griya Siguntang Head Office
Jl Srijaya Negara no 991A Bukit Besar
Palembang 30137
P: +62 711 4233 131
F: +62 711 3132 33
E: muhammadfajriromdhoni@gmail.com

Griya Siguntang Studio
Jl Kancil Putih VI Perumahan Griya
Siguntang 2 blok B1
P: +62 711 4231 24
E: SIG.architects@gmail.com


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